Friday, September 6, 2013

In the Books

At home on the range the first vet school exam is in the books!!!! It was a whirlwind of bones, bones, and more bones but it is done! Lately my days have been looking a lot like this:

Who knew there were parts to bones, and so many holes?????

But fortunately, our weekend looked like this:

We even had some rain!!

 After going to the KSU  football game with my parents, we headed down to Colin's parent's for the Labor Day weekend. We had a busy weekend of picking up irrigation pipe, weaning off our calves, and celebrating the long weekend at the Logan Labor Day Fireworks. 

Letting the cows back into the pasture after weaning off the calves. 

Apparently tall sunflowers mean a rough winter is ahead.  

Some fencing adjustments had to be made before the cows got a little overly anxious. 

We even found some time to take some pictures. Late summer on the farm is always a treat, you never know what you are going to find. You may find a Houdini of a calf (he was too elusive...hence why he has no picture below) who can't seem to stay in the lot, you might find a cow who thinks she is quite superior...even to those who feed her, you may find a goofy husband, or you might just find an orange kitten. 

She has a slight sense of entitlement....
He has a slightly larger sense of humor....
And this an orange kitten. He will not let me pick him up. 

Either way, enjoy your weekend from Colin, the kitten, the bossy mama cow, the elusive calf, and myself all at home on the range

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